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NOTICE: This service does not upload/download anything from anywhere. It handles information sent from applications/scripts and alerts you based on that data.
Autobrr monitors IRC announce channels to get releases as soon as they are available with good filtering.
Bazarr is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr. It manages and downloads subtitles based on your requirements.
Better Uptime
Better Uptime is a top-notch uptime tracker with a simple interface, and a wide variety of alert customization options.
This integration will watch Deluge, Lidarr, Nzbget, Qbittorrent, Radarr, Readarr, Rtorrent, Sab & Sonarr and post an overview of them to your Discord.
Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device.
This integration will take your Github notifications (comments, commits, PRs, etc) and post them to your Discord.
Updating your docker containers the easy way.
Jellyfin is a Free Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media.
Lidarr is a music collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users.
Log Watcher
This is a python script that runs on any machine that has log files to watch for errors and be notified about.
With data gathered through tmdb, trakt, and imdb with ratings from imdb, trakt, tmdb, letterboxd, metacritics, tomatoes, myanimelist and rogerebert, you can create the best damn auto-updating list for your media setup.
Media Requests
This integration allows Discord users to make media requests based on rules and filters to Lidarr, Radarr, Readarr & Sonarr.
This integration can be setup to watch local network services, apps, servers, etc and alert when they are down.
Overseerr is a free and open source software application for managing requests for your media library. Plex is required.
Package Manager
This integration allows for automated install/upgrade/downgrade/remove notifications from APT and Unraid.
Plex is a global streaming media service and a client–server media player platform, made by Plex, Inc.
Plex Meta Manager
The original concept for Plex Meta Manager is Plex Auto Collections, but this is rewritten from the ground up to be able to include a scheduler, metadata edits, multiple libraries, and logging.
Qbit Manage
This is a program used to manage your qBittorrent instances.
Radarr is a movie collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users.
Readarr is an ebook and audiobook collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users.
Reciperr is an app which you use to create movie lists by selecting different criteria you want, like genre, rating, mood etc.
This integration watches specific sub reddits for new posts and notifies when it finds them.
RSS Watcher
This integration will watch specified RSS feeds for updates and post them to your Discord.
Simon Says
This integration allows for automated Github issues to be created, cleaning up a channels post history, keyword recognition, etc.
This integration can be setup to monitor servers, pcs, etc and notify on their performance or alert based on rules when things are wrong.
Smart PVR for newsgroup and bittorrent users.
This application runs as a daemon on your download host. It checks for completed downloads and extracts them so Lidarr, Radarr, Readarr, Sonarr may import them.
Website Status
This integration will ping a given website and report when it is down, track how much downtime, etc.